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Weight Loss, Exercise and Your Beautiful Black Skin

Dancing for Exercise

A New Year & A New You!  How’s that coming along?  Did you stick to your guns and have half a slice of red velvet cake during the holidays or did you do like I did and bake oatmeal raisin walnut cookies and enjoy the heck out of them? Ok, I’m not the best example […]

Make Up and Black Skin

As Black Women, we have an advantage when it comes to a natural glowing tanned complexion. But there are times when we want to enhance the glow. We feel that make up or bronzers are the way to go. Mineral make up is a growing choice among Black women. It gives a natural finish to […]

Keeping Your Black Skin Flawless

Most of us were born with flawless skin, smooth, elastic, evenly toned, and dewy. The big trick is to keep this look for as long as possible in spite of the ravages of sun, weather, and time. While no one can expect to look the same in middle age as in youth, it is possible […]