How to Remove Dark Spots on Black Skin Naturally


When we begin to speak of removing dark spots on black skin in a natural way, your first question might be: What is considered natural?

Well, when I use the word “natural,” I’m talking about the kind of holistic, whole body approach to taking care of your skin both from the inside out – because what you eat in a healthy and wholesome green diet radiates out of you in a glowing way – and from the outside in, because the products we place atop our skin can be absorbed within, so it pays to lend special attention to our beauty regimes.

Instead of spending money on harmful products that contain chemical bleaching agents that end up leaving more marks on your skin after you discontinue use of the product than were originally there, try some of these natural remedies for dark spot removal and prevention:

Cover Up From the Hot Sun and Harsh Wind

There’s the popular saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that hails as the truth when it comes to protecting your skin as well. Learning the tips and tricks to preventing the dark spots from appearing in the first place works well as your best line of defense in getting clear skin. And that especially comes into play when you are out and about, enjoying the elements.

Of course, we love the sun and the natural vitamin D it can provide, along with the way it can cheer up our moods. But too much sun can wreak havoc with some of the complexions that people of color enjoy, especially these days, with a thinning ozone layer that can make UV rays more intense than in years past.

So the old advice that our grandmothers gave us is true: Use scarves and hats to keep your skin protected from the blazing sun and whipping wind to help maintain flawless faces. Because of the gift of melanin in our black skin, it’s been said that the sun is a major factor in causing blemishes to appear.

Be Kind and Gentle to Your Skin When Removing Dark Spots

If you’re already besieged with dark spots, approach their removal in a natural and gentle manner. Avoid the kinds of cuts or burns that can arise while using abrasive exfoliating scrubs. Treat your skin gently, and don’t scrub it harshly as if scrubbing a spot off of a wooden floor.

Make sure to read the list of ingredients of the products you buy to ensure they are free of harmful agents – and instead contain natural brightening substances like wheat germ, or stimulants like aloe vera and moisturizers like rose hip or coconut oil.

Instead of piling on products with coarse soaps and detergents that can be drying to the skin, seek natural cleansers without the sudsing agents that others contain. Use a baking soda paste along with the fresh juice of a lemon, along with honey, for a refreshing and naturally moisturizing facial mask.

Use warm water on your face and body instead of scalding hot water in your bath or shower. All in all, the continued practice of pampering your skin with gentle and effective natural products and oils will pay off in time with radiant and blemish-free skin.

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Dedicated To Your Beauty,

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  1. Ciera says

    I have been struggling with blemishes for about 5 years and no I have not been protecting my skin like I should as read above. I do not wear a scarf on my face to protect my skin from the winds or sunscreen in the warmer to prevent new blemishes. I have recently started using baking soda, but have not tried honey or lemon juice, I used apple cider vinegar with a little water as a toner. I just need help with my skin, trying to stay hopeless.

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