Microdermabrasion For African American Skin

When we think about microdermabrasion, we first have to define what it is.  Micro dermabrasion is the physical method of exfoliating your face and your body with a tool.

For African American skin care or people of color, its considered a versatile treatment but you have to make sure that the person who is taking care of your skin is one that is well versed in taking care of skin that contains melanin.

It can be performed on people of all ages and all colors but when it comes to people with skin of color, you really have to prepare yourself psychologically.  If this is a person that doesn’t know what they’re doing, then your skin is in deep trouble.  The problem with skin of color or deep-pigmented skin is that is has a tendency to darken once your skin is irritated.

When you’re performing microdermabrasion on skin of color, you really have to start taking care of your skin with caution because African American Skin or skin of color is sensitive.    Why is it sensitive?  It’s sensitive because of its melanin.  You don’t want the skin care therapist to turn the speed dial up especially on the machine that they’re using on your skin.  In fact you actually want them to lower it until you see how your skin is reacting to the treatment.

Although microdermabrasion can smooth your skin, it cannot lighten your skin.  If you’re going after this procedure for lightening and brightening your skin this is not the procedure for this. The procedure will give the illusion of lightening just because it has removed dead skin cell build up.  But this procedure will not give you an earth shattering light bright, darn near white effect, long term.

While microdermabrasion can be used on most skin types, it is used very effectively on dry skin.

It’s not recommended around moist areas of your body such as your eyes, nose, mouth or your genitalia.  But it can be used to smooth your hands, your décolleté or your neck. Lots of people wonder why you would want to use microdermabrasion on your hands? Because your hands have a lot of build up.  They’re used a lot and you’ll want to clear off all of the dead skin build up that’s accumulated over the years.

The skin that you find on your hands, your neck and your décolleté, these are not areas that are forgiving.  They will show your age faster than most and they can be easily scared.  You’ll want to have someone work on you using a gentle setting.  Because the skin on your face is a bit thicker, the results are not as dramatic.  On areas where your skin collects skin scales, such as the top of your feet, this is in fact a good area to have a microdermabrasion treatment.  It will come right back, so a good pumice stone or loofahs are just as good.

As an African American, when you’re looking at this particular procedure, you’ll want to make sure it’s something that you’re going to benefit from.  You are a person with melanin, therefore, you do not want someone applying pressure to your skin that’s not well versed in working on your skin especially with a microdermabrasion machine.  You’ll actually experience more traumas and bruising to your skin when a skin care therapist doesn’t know how to care for your skin.

An appointment with your skin care therapist will enable you to make the right decision as to whether or not this procedure is right for you.  Listen with open ears, you’ll know whether or not they have your best interest at heart. But more importantly ask other women if they’ve experienced this procedure.  Then ask for a recommendation.  Ask them what they liked or didn’t like and be sure to ask them why they opted for this procedure to begin with.

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