Natural Skin Lightener’s For Your Beautiful Black Skin

Did you know that by exfoliating with a natural product, you can lighten your beautiful black skin? I didn’t say “bleach”, I said “lighten” it up. What’s the difference? Just by giving yourself or having a professional give you an exfoliating treatment, you will naturally lighten  your skin.

Why does this occur? It occurs because you are removing dead skin cells.   Dead skin cells  give you a dull, gray, ashy appearance to your skin. When you bleach your skin, you are actually burning of the top layer of your skin. African American Skin is so sensitive that the more you bleach your skin the more you look like an artificial being. You’ve seen it, the person looks like they’re not real.  The deeper your complexion the more unreal the person looks.

I know this is harsh but I’ve been asked about bleaching, and skin lightener’s and it saddens me to think that we still don’t like the way we look. I definitely feel that if you’ve been a burn victim, you’ll need special treatments to give your skin time to heal and a way of evening out your skin tone.  But this is done under the supervision of a doctor.  Vanity sometimes has us doing things that don’t make  sense.  Sometimes it’s vanity and sometimes it’s self hatred.

Wanting to remove a few dark spots is natural but bleaching your beautiful black skin is insane (that’s just my opinion).  And here’s another reality, not every dark spot is going to be removed.  Sometimes scars have been with you for so long until nothing is going to help you with them, so consider this a point in your life when you learn to love the reflection that looks back at you from the mirror.

So what natural products can you use to exfoliate your beautiful skin and give it a natural glow at the same time?  Green Clay masque with Vitamin C and Jojoba Scrubs are a great place to start.  Clay masque will not only exfoliate your skin but they will also remove embedded dirt, blackheads, oil and tighten  your skin giving it a firm appearance.  Most people don’t realize that when you use a masque you are actually exfoliating your skin.  Jojoba scrubs are actually made with  jojoba wax beads that are mixed in a gentle cleanser and used to remove dead skin cells by way of gentle exfoliation.

These two methods are natural ways to lighten and brighten your skin without bringing harm or inflicting damage to it.  Please stay away from bleaching creams and agents unless you are under the care of a physician and you’re being treated to correct severly damaged skin.

The ingredients that are used in a lot of these products are drying to your skin and can cause internal organ damage that’s never discussed.

Beauty is more than skin deep!

Juliette Samuel,


NYRAJU Skin Care – Providers of Natural Skin & Hair Care for People of Color

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  1. Clarissa Taylor says

    Honey and lemon juice are also effective in lightening skin tone, especially if combined with an all-natural skin lightening cream such as NeuCell skin lightener. I’ve been using this combination for quite some time now, and it’s really effective in whitening dark spots and making my skin more supple. When it comes to skin whitening, it is always best to settle with natural options.

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