Five Tips for Great Looking African American Skin

Great skin shouldn’t have to be on a wish list, it should be something that you live with everyday.  Finding the right skin care products is definitely a must but then what do you do?  Use them!

Here are five tips for great looking African American Skin:

  • Cleanse – Using a facial cleanser that’s been formulated just for your skin is key.  Not all cleansers have to give you soap to the 25th power.  Remember that a lot of soap based products contain detergents, so a cream based product works just as well.  And even if you have oily skin, you can use a cream based cleanser.
  • Tone-What does a toner do for your skin?  is brings your skin pH balance back to normal.  It can also set your skins palette up for the moisturizer.
  • Moisturizer-That’s your next step.  A good moisturizer will allow your skin to  get the moisture and hydration that it needs and if you wear makeup, it prepares your skin to receive the makeup and provide a smooth even finish.
  • Nutrition/Diet-What are you eating?  What you feed your body is going to be the main factor in the appearance of your skin.  A well balanced lifestyle where lots of green foods, fruits and water are present is key.
  • Exercise- That’s right, you move not only do you loose, weight that is, but you remove toxins and waste from your system that could slow down your digestion and cause serious challenges for you.

    Yes, there are plenty of products that could be added to this list for acquiring great looking African American Skin but the basics are a great place to start and that’s what I’ve given you here.

    Dedicated To Your Beauty,

    Juliette Samuel


    NYRAJU Skin Care – Providers of Natural Skin & Hair Care Products for People of Color

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    1. says

      Congratulations on the lovely site. It looks absolutely awesome. I am so encouraged and proud of your work. I wish you all the best and live like heave in 2011.

      Peace and blessings,


    2. Juliette says

      Thanks Marilyn,

      I see you’re doing well with 49 Days 2 Fabulous! Looks great! Let me know when you do your next workshop.


    3. says

      I received my complete skin care set and I loved the way the exfoliating scrub felt after I cleansed my face, then I applied the honey mask and it felt a little tingly, next I rinsed it off and applied the toner and moisturizer, I love this stuff!!! It’s great for our skin especially when you have sensitive skin. I appreciate all of your creations as well as your excellent customer service thanks again. Much peace and many of blessings to you!!!

    4. aisha says

      hi, it seems ur products are very good with black skin, but the problem is how can we have access to ur products here in nigeria thanks

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