Is a Full Body Makeover in Your Future?

Ok, I know this is a loaded question but is a full body makeover in your future?  Your immediate future, like beginning today?

Even if it’s 3:40 pm, you don’t have to finish that second slice of red velvet cake.  I completely understand because I’ve asked myself the same question.  My answer is yes, so why don’t you join me and beginning Now, not next year, let’s set some goals.

Let’s start with ten pounds!  Now at the time of this writing it’s December 17th but what better time to start.  That way by February 1st you’ll be ten pounds lighter.

I made a visit to the studio of a business associate, Andrea Riggs, she’s a personal trainer.  Now if you live in the Atlanta area, you can do the same thing.  She provides personalized training, one-on-one, just you and Andrea or Beth her business partner.

What I liked about my visit is that she wasn’t pushy and the facility is like walking into a boutique for training.  The colors are warm and inviting and so is their space.  What does this have to do with training and loosing weight or toning and sculpting for that matter, Everything!  The environment that you train in is crucial to your mindset for loosing weight especially when its cold.

When I’m in New York, my workout consist of walking Madison and 5th Avenues, it’s more of a stroll but I can cover 40 blocks without batting an eye.  When I’m in Florida it’s the beach for sure and that’s an easy eight miles without flinching. But when it’s cold, I don’t want my workout environment to be cold in its look and feel and neither should you.

If you like the cold, more power to you!  My sister-in-law Carol loves to ski, so she gets great workouts on the slopes. And when she’s not on the slopes she’s out walking when the temps are in the teens, that works for her.

If you can’t do a personal trainer right now, start where you are.  Turn your television on to Fit TV, record a program or series of programs to give you versatility.  And best of all, step outside your front door and start walking.  Oh, that Salsa class, check out the local Salsa Club for its schedule.  You’ve got plenty of ways to begin your full body makeover so start moving so that you can start loosing.

And guess what, as you start working out to create your new body, your beautiful black skin will thank you for it.  You’ll see a world of difference in how it glows.

I’ll talk about what’s involved with the rest of the makeover in future post.

Until next time,

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,


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