How To Treat Eczema in Black Skin Using Tea Tree Oil

Eczema is a kind of atopic dermatitis that is usually an allergic reaction of the skin. More often than not eczema is an allergic reaction to something that we’ve eaten and dehydration in the body.  While it is common in infants and young children, it also occurs in a large number of adults. One of the most effective ways to treat eczema when caring for black skin is through the use of tea tree oil.

The extract of tea tree is one of the most popular among the essential oils available. This is because it is a strong natural antiseptic and is known to cause no strong allergic reactions in the skin. It provides a good alternative to those who want to use a remedy that is not based on chemicals and other synthetic substances.

Clinical research has long provided proof of the value of tea tree oil as far back as 1923. It was discovered that the leaves of the tea tree have the ability to disinfect and kill off the presence of bacteria 13 times stronger than carbolic acid. It was also found that the extract can get rid of typhoid bacilli 60 times more than ordinary hand soap. In fact tea tree oil was part of the standard issue first aid kits for the army and navy in the 1940s.

In addition to being an antibacterial and a disinfectant, the substance is also a germicidal and anti-fungal. It is also able to boost the immune system of your body so it is effective against a range of health problems, one of these is eczema.

To use tea tree oil against the skin condition of eczema, add a few drops of pure tea tree oil to a cotton ball of pad and dab on directly to the skin. For infants and babies, this may be too harsh so it is best to dilute the oil in a hypoallergenic and fragrance-free cream such as lotion. We suggest NYRAJU Skin Care’s Extreme Creme.  It is unscented and a combination of shea, cocoa and mango butters.  You can add tea tree oil to this blend and have your own personal body cream for eczema.

Water may also be used to reduce the concentration of the oil. It is important to take note that the additional ingredients of perfumes and dyes could worsen the eczema.

Another method of applying the oil is through a bath. Infuse the bath water with the oil after you filled your tub, in order to soothe itchiness and other symptoms of eczema. One to two tablespoons to one tub full of water should be enough. Soak in the bath for several minutes and after which, moisturize liberally using lotions or creams.

To maximize the relief brought on by tea tree oil, apply it to the affected areas two to three times a day and soak in the bath one to three times a week. Not only will the oil treat the dry skin and the itching, but it will also keep rashes from being infected.

When caring for black skin with essential oils, it’s important to have a foundation of how these natural essential work.  Tea Tree Oil (also known as Melaleuca oil) and Lavender are the only essential oils that are suggested to be used at full strength or neat (applied directly to your skin).

To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,


NYRAJU Skin Care

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    It’s an important information. Tea tree oil is a strong natural antiseptic and it contains many essential oils, so it can be used for the treatment of eczema.

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