How to Treat Your Dry Skin with African American Skin Care Products

wild oats and honey masque

What is dry skin?  Dry skin is just what it sounds like.  The moisture that is in your skin is no longer there.  But African American skin always has moisture.  Not necessarily.  For most people, your body produces a number of different natural oils that keep your skin moist and soft.

But for some of you,  your skin has reduced that amount of oils that it is producing.  And you could be washing those oils away by using drying skin care products that were not made for your skin.  Medical conditions and medications could be causing your skin to dry out.  And if you are a mature person (as you can see I don’t like the word old), your skin can be loosing it’s moisture naturally.

How do you know if you have dry skin?

Here are a few symptoms to look for.

•    Dry skin has a feeling of being taut, as if it’s being pulled tight.  This is evident after you’ve showered or have been swimming.
•    Your skin can also look dry, shrunken and dehydrated.
•    Most people that have dry skin will tell you that their biggest problem is itchy skin.  Sometimes worse than dealing with the dry skin itself.
•    You may experience fine lines or cracks in your skin, most commonly found in your hands and feet.
•    low humidity
•    too much washing-washing to often and using very hot water
•    soap-some soaps are harsh for your skin
•    Vitamin A-not getting enough
•    An illness

Tips for Avoiding Dry Skin

•    Take the time to moisturize.  There are some excellent products that are on the market that can provide you with excellent benefits for your dry skin.  We suggest our Honey & Wild Oates Masque for hydrating your skin and our Antioxidant Face Cream for moisturizing.

•    Eat a well balanced meal.  Having the right foods in your  system is crucial.  Your body needs vitamins and minerals to care for every function of it, including your skin.

•    Don’t use very hot water to wash your face.  The heat from the water will cause your skin to lose it’s natural oils.

These 3 steps are just the beginning of taking care of your skin.  Whether it’s cold or hot, you can still have dry skin conditions.  So, be very selective in the products you choose when taking care of your African American Skin.

To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,
Ethetician/President-NYRAJU Skin Care

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